What is ESN?

European School Network currently involves 25 secondary schools from 9 European countries.

In 2006 a group of seven Finnish upper secondary schools (high schools) outlined a proposition in which their friendship schools, i.e. foreign schools with which they had shared projects and exchanges, would form a multilateral exchange network. Within this network the students can change schools for a period of 1 to 8 weeks and they sign a mutual agreement to accommodate each other in their homes during the exchange periods.

In addition to these one-to-one exchanges, European School Network also provides its members the possibility to arrange group exchanges, teacher exchanges and student seminars.

Why student exchange?

Studying in a foreign school and staying in a host family for even a short period of time improves your social skills and your intercultural communication skills and boosts your independence. Above all, it is an experience that definitely changes your world view and gives you a totally new perspective. It is an amazing opportunity to see what people's everyday lives are like in another culture. Friendships that have their roots in such circumstances last for a lifetime.

Why ESN?

European School Network schools are carefully selected institutions whose headmasters and international coordinators know each other personally. They meet each other at least once a year in the Annual ESN Conferences. Personal relationships between the schools guarantee that all exchange students are well taken care of by the school coordinators.