Join ESN!

A step-by-step guide for students


1. Read the ESN Principles carefully.

2. Read the ESN agreement for exchanges and projects carefully together with your family.

3. Explore this website and decide which countries you would like to go to for an exchange period. Choose at least three countries.

4. Contact your school's ESN coordinator, who will start looking for an exchange partner for you. It will be easier to find a partner, if you compose an A4-sized ESN "selfie".

5. When a potential exchange partner has been found, you can contact each other via e-mail, Facebook or other media, and agree about dates and other practical things. Note that an ESN exchange cannot take place during school holidays in the host country.

6. When you and your exchange partner have decided that you are going to proceed with the exchange, tell your school coordinator about the exact plans for the exchange.  Do NOT buy flight tickets before you get a final confirmation!

7. Proceed with your travel plans (insurances, flights, gifts for the hosts, etc.). You need adequate health insurance, for example the European Health Insurance Card. Talk to your teachers before you travel so that they know you'll be gone. Your school work should not suffer because of the exchange!

8. Keep a journal during the exchange period and send your exchange report to your home school coordinator within two weeks after your return to your home country.